naked space

Naked Space is the direct engagement and celebration of your body and mind. Your physical form is the outermost layer of your unique manifestation in the world; your inner layers are just as unique, encoding your experiences as thoughts, memories, and emotions.

Naked Space begins with removing clothes. While clothes serve many purposes, we believe they're unexamined and ubiquitous use is an obstacle to a healthy and balanced expression of your authentic self. As an example, articles of clothing suggest physical divisions of the body that interfere with the experience of an integrated self. 

Naked Space has been providing a safe, private location for body-based explorations and celebrations, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, since 2005. We offer instruction, coaching and partnership in a variety of practices, including yoga, meditation and massage.   

What does it feel like to exercise naked? 
Amazing! Once you experience the unencumbered movement and unbound physicality that arise from naked exercise, you'll wonder why you waited so long to get started. Those who are unaccustomed to being naked quickly forget their reservations within minutes of undressing.

Do I have to get completely naked? 
Yes, you're expected to remove all of your clothes, even your socks. You may be asked to remove accessories too; watches, loose jewelry, and large rings can interfere with Naked Space activities. 

Is hygiene ever an issue?
All visitors to Naked Space should arrive feeling fresh and clean. In the spirit of being as naked as possible, please don't add fragrances. The natural scents of your body are nothing to be ashamed of.

Is this for men only? 
Naked Space serves men primarily, but not exclusively. We firmly believe in a respectful, healthy experience for all participants, especially for those exploring naked practice for the first time or recovering from a shaming trauma.

What if I get turned on? 
Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system. Erections are natural, and arousal is an effective way to up your energy. Please let us know if arousal and erotic energy is one of your interests. Remember that arousal isn't a free pass to do whatever you want with your desire; in all of your actions, remain sensitive to other people sharing the space.

What do I do if I'm nervous?
Every person who feels self-conscious about his or her body was taught to feel that way. If you feel nervous about being naked, we understand how you feel and we hope you'll trust us. We're here to help you feel better about yourself--but you're the only person who can get yourself over here.