the mission

Naked Space is a celebration of embodiment. Your physical form is the outermost layer of your unique manifestation in the world. So the body is our point of entry to explore and restore the subtle layers of self: energy and emotion, memory and mind. This is where you begin to feel better, across all the parts of your self. This is where you let your skin shine.

Naked Space has been an evolving practice since 2005. The initial practice began modestly as a free, weekly gathering for meditation. With the encouragement of early participants, Naked Space expanded to include yoga and massage, and then combined all three into the signature Community Practice, which we still enjoy today.

The evolution of Naked Space continues with the addition of a Manhattan studio for one-on-one, private yoga sessions.

All are welcome.

the guide


Namaste! My name is Michael, and Naked Space is my offer to you. I've enjoyed being naked since childhood, I'm grateful to my parents for raising me body-positive, and I'm eager to share this experience of health and happiness with you.

When friends shared their personal stories of yoga with me, I started looking for a class, but I was mystified by all the varieties of practice and had no idea where to begin. Then I found Jayadev's Midnight Yoga for Men, who promoted the traditional naked practice for a modern community, and recognized myself at once. I continued my practice of yoga in both clothed and naked studios as well as through an extensive program of self-study.

In 2005, I began hosting a naked meditation group, which evolved the following year into Naked Space. In 2008, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Now more than 10 years after stepping onto the yogic path, I'm honored to continue the tradition of naked practice as it was set forth by my first teacher.

the questions

Do I have to get completely naked? Yes, all participants are expected to remove all of their clothes, even their socks. Accessories too: watches, loose jewelry and large rings will interfere with Naked Space activities. If you don't feel ready to take your clothes off at the start of a session, consider coming to Naked Space For Beginners.

Can I bring a friend? Of course you can. Group sessions are great for sharing with friends, and private sessions are available for partner practices.

How can I tell if a group session is co-ed or for men only? Naked Space does not discriminate based on any biological trait or cultural heritage that does not directly threaten the safety of the other participants. That said, some group classes are specifically designated for men only, so just read the descriptions.

What if I get turned on? Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system. Seriously, erections are natural; every man who feels self-conscious about his erection was taught to feel that way. Also, having an erection isn't a free pass to do whatever you want with it. In all of your actions, remain sensitive to other people sharing the space.