Gerry: I stumbled upon the Naked Space website by accident and was so intrigued that I felt I had to try it. My first 2-hour venture was a combination of yoga followed by touch. Shedding one’s clothes in the company of others is extremely liberating and even more so when someone else does the shedding for you. When done with other forward-looking people, the exercise can be exhilarating and freeing. During the yoga portion the entire group created a series of shared poses, which demonstrated unity and strength when energy is combined.

During the touch portion the instructor and I shared a series of intimate moments. Even though we were meeting for the first time, I felt a closeness and camaraderie not always found with very close friends. The host is experienced, most welcoming and totally non-judgmental. I am touched and humbled by the experience and look forward to doing it again.

Brad: I have been working with Naked Space as a student of yoga for the past 7 months. The instruction is amazing even though it never feels like a teacher/student relationship. Aside from their unbelievable knowledge of the body, the teachers have the ability to incorporate all this with flow state and touch, to make the body and mind feel whole and complete as well as relaxed and calm. Most importantly Naked Space has taught me how to incorporate all this into my daily routines whether it be at a corporate board meeting or while I am lecturing to hundreds of people. I thank them for keeping me focused.

My experience with Naked Space is that it is a special place; an original practice and idea, reflecting the unique qualities of the hosts and teachers. I can't over-emphasize the gentle, accepting, open nature of the practice. 

If you have ever been intimidated by the idea of practicing yoga naked, exercising naked, or by the experience you've had at other similar places, I really recommend this as a place to try. It is a positive, nourishing place, utterly unlike any other studios I have tried, and definitely worthy of our support!

Joe: I was pleased to see the announcement of your group. It's good to see someone push the envelope to not only normalize nudity but to also explore the health and sensual aspects of nudity as well.

Clifton: Naked Space has become a singular and unique place in my life in New York City. A place where I have been able to re-connect with essential parts of myself and practice a path of mind-body-spirit re-integration in a safe and open environment. Naked Space instructors are amazing guides: deeply intuitive, extremely knowledgeable, and genuinely inspiring.

Kyle: I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience last July doing the restorative yoga session at Naked Space. I was so magically comfortable, and your loving, non-judgmental spirit was truly felt. I wanted to let you know that.

Alex: Naked Space creates an environment of ease and support through the genuine appreciation for the inherent health and vitality in the body. They suggest gentle, subtle experiments that facilitate enhanced awareness while creating the space for new possibilities. They've helped me become acquainted with my internal obstacles—physically as well as spiritually—and to embrace and appreciate their value while also guiding me towards ways to interrupt my familiar patterns. Naked Space has an expansive expertise, steady confidence, and genuine acceptance for all people, bodies, and experiences. They are extraordinary and gifted and I recommend them regularly to my clients and friends.

Bruce: I have long been a believer in the healing power of massage and have worked with many masseurs over the years. I am happy to have found my way to the Naked Space practice. This studio is a place of relaxation and comfort, a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It has proven to be professional, respectful, and attentive to my needs in every session I've scheduled. They are skilled, thorough, and grounded. I always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and renewed in body, mind, and spirit after my time with them. It is with great pleasure that I recommend them and strongly encourage you to give them a try!

Charles: I've never had so much attention paid to my inner body.

Greg: Naked Space provides a quiet and welcoming atmosphere where we can come together—shed our clothes, our inhibitions, our stress, our everyday—and work on both mind and body. There is a spirit in the room that lends to a sense of grounding and freeing—one of the rare opportunities for this to happen in our urban lives.