connect with other body-positive celebrants

These safe, supportive, non-judgmental gatherings are open to everyone.
$20 suggested donation with each visit. 

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This is a talk-based gathering, where the emphasis is on listening to one another, rather than engaging in dialogue or debating points of view. Each session features a new topic that illuminates the path of body-positivity. An opportunity will be given at the end to mingle and socialize.  



This is a body-based gathering, where yoga poses provide the focus for communal effort and shared growth. Expanding on the practice of two-person partner poses, this group practice integrates all participants into a single, shared pose. The content of each class will be modified to suit the fitness and experience level of the participants. 



This is a touch-based gathering, where your hands are the primary communicators. Playful games and improvisations serve as ice-breakers. Emphasis is placed on consent, role exchanges, and re-partnering. This feel-good event aims to stimulate awareness, sensitivity and comfort with all members of the group.