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Naked Massage is the art of constructive touch. An act of surrender on the part of the recipient, an act of attention on the part of the giver, and a conversation of the flesh for both. 

Our goal is to help you find a greater sense of freedom in your own body. As massage artists, we put a premium on exploration and improvisation as avenues to liberation. We also honor your boundaries and integrity, and we only ask that you do the same. 

All naked practices are celebrations of the natural body, and as such, they repudiate body-based shame. During your naked massage you will not be draped, and your massage provider will be naked as well. 

We offer both Two-Handed Massage and Four-Handed Massage. Adding a second pair of hands is a major intensification of the sensory experience. Spatial disorientation is commonly reported, as pleasant for some and unpleasant for others. Please notify the team if this is your first Four-Handed Massage.

The base fee is $120 for 1 hour. You can add a second pair of hands for an additional $60. If you'd like a longer session, 30 minute extensions are available at $40 each; the maximum length is 2 hours. 

You can purchase your session here, and one of our massage artists will contact you to schedule your appointment.

If you'd like to contact us prior to purchase, please complete the Contact form. We'd be happy to answer your questions and schedule your appointment prior to purchase; however, all appointments must be confirmed by completing your purchase through this site.


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